My name is Debbie Shuler and I just want to say a little about Savor Designs. I met Stephanie back in 2014 while I was visiting Salem Massachusetts with my family. I was looking for a cloak but not just any cloak, you see I am about 5’2, I do not like hoods and I love to have arm holds. Every cloak you buy has all these things I don’t like and they drag the ground because I got the short stick in the family, LOL even the stores in Salem all the cloaks have hoods and no arm holes. It was in October and during this time they have on Essex Street the street faire, that’s where I met Stephanie and I approached her and said to her I really would love to have a cloak but I am really a difficult person. She said no one is difficult, I’m like yeah right you haven’t heard me yet. Hahaha I said I am looking for a cloak that doesn’t drag the ground, no hood and with arm holes and I would like to be able to wear it in the fall and whenever. I told her I was wanting a print and she said I can do that, she took my measurements and we worked together through emails and photos, because I live 688 miles from Salem so there was no way I could go for fittings or anything like that, she worked her magic and when I went back to Salem in May I had the most beautiful cloak ever, she has since made me and my granddaughter matching black velvet cloaks with orange on the inside, mine no hood of course and arm holes, my granddaughters has a hood and no arm holes again done all online. She is an amazing lady and goes above and beyond for her clients, she adds her magic to every piece she makes. I am so glad I met her and can’t wait to buy maybe a matching hat this time.